We all love cooking, but what if there is a lockdown situation? In this scenario, we are presenting you with the top 5 recipes that you can make from the necessary items that are always available in your kitchen, and there is no need to go to outdoor markets to buy something new. Everyone was so tense in this current situation, but for you, we are providing everyday cooking solutions so that you can cope up with this situation easily.

You can make these tastier items easily and spread happiness to your family. We will assure you that your family members will love this food and not believe it is made from the essential items.

The 5 Food items are as follows:

1. Wheat Flour Dosa:

Wheat Flour Dosa

It can be made with the help of essential elements, and it is thin, tastier, and healthier. You can make this thin crisp wheat flour dosa using rice flour also.

The ingredients are ½ wheat flour or rice flour whichever suitable to you, salt as per your taste, Green chilies, 2 cup water, one pinch cumin, ginger

How to prepare: To make this dosa mix the salt, flour, chilies, cumin, and ginger and pour some water into it, you can also add curd to it, the batter has to be poured consistently.

Just pour this batter into a pan and spread it to make a round dosa, dazzle some oil to it, then flip back to make it cook at the backside also. All done, now your dosa is ready to serve.

2.Gobhi/Aloo Paratha:

Gobhi Aloo Paratha

You can also make this as a snack for breakfast or lunch. It is too simple to make at home and works better at this time. You can also stuff mint into it to get the best flavor.

3. Fry Potato:

Fry Potato

You can also make fry potatoes at home easily. You need sugar, salt as per your taste, vegetable oil for frying, 2 cups warm water, 2 cup peeled potatoes.

Just take a medium bowl and dissolve the sugar into it. After that, soak the potatoes in the mixture and then remove it. Heat oil in a dry fryer for 10 minutes and put all the potatoes into it and cook until they become golden.

4. Sandwich:


You need four slices of bread, two tablespoon butter, oil, cumin, two green chilies, mix vegetables you can use carrot, Spanish, beans, onion, etc.), one pinch turmeric, garlic

Add oil to the pan, put in the cumin and mix it first, put garlic until good aroma comes, then add tomatoes and salt and cook until it becomes soft. Now add the mix veg into it and soft cook it for your taste. Lastly, add this mixture to the bread and taste and lovely food at your home.

5. Fruit Chart:

Fruit Chart

You can also make fruit charts at your home as this is also the simplest food to make at home. Whichever fruit you have, add them and add salt if needed.