These customers have been given the right by the jewelers to be able to fix the price after the lockdown or the current time. Along with this, these customers have also been given the facility that they will be able to convert gold, silver, or diamond purchases with this money.

Despite the closure of the market due to the lockdown, city Jewellers booked jewelry worth about seven crores in the name of Shagun at the festival of Akshaya Tritiya. Famous jewelers of the city said that due to the closure of the market, customers could not take the jewelry home, but have made an online booking for their purchase.

At The Same Time, Bullion Traders Also Introduced A Variety Of Schemes And Offered To Attract Customers.

Due to Akshaya Tritiya, customers have purchased jewelry online. But the jewelers have given these customers the right to be able to fix the price after lockdown or at present. Along with this, these customers have also been given the facility that with this money, they will be able to convert the purchase of gold, silver, or even diamonds. Jewelers know that when a customer reaches the markets, he does not see the design. He is not satisfied.

The Attraction Of The Scheme Offers:

Mangal Rastogi, the owner of Shyam Kishore Jewelers, says that the market has been in a downturn even before the coronavirus spread. Now the market is completely closed for a month in lakhs. The customer will have to offer some scheme to attract them. Along with this, it is also that businessmen like us have two and a half hundred customers directly connected. In such a situation, we can be inspired to buy them online through Instagram.

Jewelers Seema Rastogi says that we are running a ‘Gold Ownership Voucher’ scheme to connect customers in these odd situations and maintain their trust. Through this, customers could buy their gold in weight. ‘

At the same time, the jeweler of Chowk Bazaar, Radish Jain, says that even in lockdown, there is the first experience for the market. Meanwhile, there is some movement in the market with Akshaya Tritiya. In such a situation, customers are being reached by using social media. There are good signs from customers.

Jeweler Mohan Maheshwari said, ‘The festival and all their synergy is such that the customer is drawn towards the market. That is why, despite them, people seem to be buying something in Akshaya Tritiya from WhatsApp, Instagram, and online.’

Jewelers Nilesh Rastogi says that ‘Nowadays every jeweler has a website. Like big houses, we also take payments online and keep a catalog. Due to the increase in these facilities, the customer remains connected without visiting the shop.

Explain that jewelry sellers have offered online shopping for buying gold, customers will get their gold delivery after the lockdown opens. Due to the nationwide lockdown of Corona’s havoc, people are unable to leave their homes, and jewelry shops are closed in most urban areas.

National Secretary of India Bullion Jewelers Association, Surendra Mehta, said that Akshaya Tritiya is an auspicious time to buy gold, so jewelry traders have offered their customers to buy gold online. However, shops are opening in many areas of the country following a recent order from the Union Home Ministry. Mehta said that jewelry shops are opening in Gujarat and Odisha.

Last year, 25 tonnes of gold were purchased in the country on Akshaya Tritiya. Mehta estimates that with the purchase of digital buying well and the spot purchases in the areas where shops are opening, hardly 10-15 percent of gold will be purchased compared to last year.

Ajay Kedia, director of Kedia Advisory, said that Corona has undoubtedly changed the way we work and as the meetings have started going digital, the purchase of gold will be digital on Akshaya Tritiya this year.

He said that the possibility of a rise in gold remains constant amid fears of global recession due to the havoc of Corona. Therefore, people may be excited to buy gold for investment purposes.

However, Sohan Patel, president of the Gem and Jewellery Trade Council of India, says that people are less interested in spot purchases of jewelry as wedding ceremonies are not happening due to the risk of corona infection for which expensive metals like gold, silver are available in India, and the purchase of gemstones and jewelry is more.

Explain that under the relaxation given by the central government in the lockdown from April 15, the green zone i.e., no cases of corona infection, has been allowed to open shops in those areas. Still, the number of people working in the shops is more than before. Shall not exceed 50 percent. But shops located in malls will not open.