Bounce “Survey as Services”

Namma Bengaluru’s fastest-growing bike-sharing start-up is all set to launch its new service called Survey as service. Bounce has achieved the target as imagined on last-mile connectivity. Bounce’s parent company, Wicked Ride, was founded in 2014 by Vivekananda Hallekere, Anil G and Varun Agni. The mobile-based application allows its users to pick up a scooter and drop it at any legitimate parking spot.

The firm said accessibility and affordability have made it one of the “preferred” modes of transport, both for first- and last-mile connectivity, as well as a regular commute. The company has plans to introduce over 50,000 vehicles during the current year.

Bounce Bike
Bounce vehicle Parked at the metro station

What is the Bounce Survey of Service?

Now any brands or companies who would like to have a real-time survey of their products or services can now get it done in no time, Bounce has started this service now offering real-time surveys. CEO of bounce stated that it has started the service and they have successfully completed the sampling of product for FMCG companies.

If you are launching any FMCG, Brands or any other products you can get real-time surveys done, you can also share your sample products with customers of bounce and get the feedback for better R&D.

How Does it Work?

Bounce places the sample products and marketing material’s in scooter trunk which is actively running, Customer books the vehicle with mobile application and reaches the location to pick the vehicle, customer open’s the trunk to pick the helmet and see your brand sample placed, customer gets to sample the product and fill the feedback details, companies who want to promote their brands can also use this surveys.

As per Bounce, it has 1.25 Million active users that any company can reach out to, respective targeted audience is in the age group of 18 to 34 years. The unique ability of Bounce is also to couple sampling with a survey without human interference.

You can reach out to bounce for more details about the services.