The Ganga is a holy river that flows through India and Bangladesh, which rises in the western Himalayas of Uttarakhand state of India. Ganga is recognized as a holy place as many Indians worship it like a Goddess. The Yamuna, also known as Jamuna or Jamna, is the second-largest river tributary river of Ganga. It merges with the Ganga at Triveni Sangam, Prayagraj, in which Kumbh Mela is held.

Both the rivers are polluted severely, as the government is also supporting to clean this effect in this connection, various plans are developed such a clean Ganga mission, The Ganga Action Plan, etc. 

Why Yamuna And Ganga Are So Clean? The Answer To This Question Is As Follows:

Nowadays, due to the novel coronavirus, a complete lockdown has been imposed, which in turn to be a great benefit to these rivers. As the stoppage of various industrial functioning, the pollution level becomes so decent; that’s why it had a positive effect on the river Ganga and Yamuna. 

1. According to Dr. P.K Mishra, professor at Chemical engineering and Technology, IIT-BHU, one-tenth of the pollution in both Ganga and Yamuna, comes from the industrial activities. Hence, closure to that becomes the main reason.

2. The continuous rain in March month also improved the level of water present in the Ganga, which means that its cleaning capacity is also increased.

3. With the reduction of domestic sewage, both the rivers are becoming so clean that everyone in India loves to listen to that.


Due to lockdown, all the factories near Kanpur and other cities are shut. And these benefits to the rivers, water gets purer. Some analyzers stat that they have seen after 40 years so pure water. It’s ashame to us that we have left so much garbages, dirty water and so on into the river.
Also, we have noticed a significant change in Delhi’s air pollution. It also gets down. If this lockdown gets longer, the motherland would be so pleased and more living.