CEIR: Government Launches Web Portal To Track Stolen Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become a crucial component of everyday life for people today. The device is used daily for all online activities like online purchases, payments, conversations, and more. This is why the security of mobile phones is an essential task in cybersecurity today. This requirement has led to an initiative by the Indian Government in Delhi-NCR called the Central Equipment Identity Register, also called CEIR. 

What CEIR Has To Offer

Central Equipment Identity Register or CEIR is an online portal currently launched and active in Maharashtra and Delhi-NCR. The portal lets people raise requests for getting their stolen or lost mobile phones blocked. It also provides the facility to request for unblocking the mobile phone once it has been recovered or found. The process needs the person to have the IMEI number of their mobile phone model. CEIR is an initiative by the Indian government with the support and undertaking of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). The Minister of Telecommunication Ravi Shankar Prasad supports the undertaking by stating that mobile phones are an integral part of the populations’ daily life and carry essential and often confidential data. The Central Equipment Identity Register lets people track and block their mobile phones and prevent this data from being misused. 

The Need For An Initiative Like CEIR

The amount of data that mobile phone stores are plentiful and most often personal. It is critical to prevent the misuse of these devices by criminals and thieves. Such perpetrators can usually use the data in mobile phones for unethical purposes. The increasing cases of mobile phone theft and reports of lost mobile phones brought this issue into the limelight. It is even known that in the Delhi-NCR area alone, over forty thousand cases of mobile phone theft are reported every year. The Secretary DoT and Chairman of Digital Communications Commission, Anshu Prakash, even brought another issue of concern to the picture. The mobile phones in a network are recognized by their IMEI numbers or the International Mobile Equipment Identity number. However, these numbers are reprogrammable, which is how many criminals reprogram and create clones with the same IMEI number in a network. The CEIR aims to bust this issue by keeping a check on all the mobile devices in a region and their corresponding IMEI numbers. 


How The Portal Of CEIR Works

The process of raising the request to get a stolen or lost mobile phone blocked by the CEIR web portal is very straightforward and easy. Any user can follow these steps:

1. Register a formal complaint in a nearby police station for the stolen phone.

2. Visit the CEIR website and click on the ‘Block stolen/lost mobile’ button.

3. Fill in the necessary details of the device and upload an image of the police complaint filed.

4. Provide an alternate number to receive an OTP. Enter the OTP and check the declaration box. Click the submit button.

5. The user would receive a ‘request ID,’ which can be used to track the status of the request raised.

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