“They put acid on my face, not on my dreams.”

As rightly quoted in Chhapaak, Directed by Meghna Gulzar, the acid may malign someone’s features, their physical appearances, but not their soul.

Storyline of Acid Attack

This movie is based on real-life incidents of Laxmi Agrawal. The story highlights the struggles of an acid attack victim and their acceptance in society.

They don’t crave for our sympathy. All want is them to be treated as normal humans as they were before the incident. The constant support from their friends and family is their biggest strength.

Being a victim of an acid attack is undoubtedly not easy. The number of reconstructive surgeries to be done, even after that you don’t get back your appearance like before, is heart-wrenching. The constant struggle with self-acceptance, the remarks, and the behavior of people around them is hard to see.

They did not choose this life. But if they want to achieve something like normal individuals, then why does society delude them?

The first reaction of any passerby is disgusting. Their face is not the only chapter in their lives. They are much more than that — Normal individuals with dreams.

The fight for justice is a long way to go. They want their attackers to get punished. But they also want a ban or at least monitoring of the sale of acids. If they were not so readily available, their lives could have been saved. The easy access with which this dangerous chemical is available is a risk to everyone.

The life of an acid attack victim doesn’t end with this tragedy. There is more to explore more to learn. They want a normal life with dreams, ambitions, opportunities.

With Bollywood taking up such fearless and bold concepts and depicting the stories of real-life individuals and their struggle, this movie is unique in its way. The storyline is compelling, and the characters are intensively portrayed.

The portrayal of Deepika Padukone as an acid attack victim is her level best. She justifies the character through her acting.

One moment from the trailer, where a boy gets scared away, seeing the face of the actress is such genuinely portrayed. The female protagonist’s acceptance of public reaction is also depicted with honesty.

An excellent and worthy mention should be of the make up artist and their team. Without their efforts, the film would have lacked its feel.

Final Words:

Don’t forget to watch this overwhelming journey of an acid attack victim in Chhapaak on January 10, 2020, in theatres near you.