In Maharashtra, there is the highest number of cases of coronavirus compared to any other state of India. The control is essential to reduce the number of cases of coronavirus, but instead of that, thousands of people gathered at Bandra Railway station in Mumbai.


Mumbai’s Bandra west railway station was flooded with thousands of labor migrants who were hoping to get back to their home as they expected the lockdown ends on Tuesday.


One and the only way to this pandemic problem of coronavirus is to maintain social distance; till now, there is no such vaccine. The massive crowd gathered onto the Bandra’s railway station shows how disrespectful our country is. It shows we are not following our honorable Prime Minister and also not following the social distance, which is so necessary. To curb this problem, the police have to resort to Lathi-charge to scatter the crowd. 

There were also rumors that if the laborers are there to get back to their homes then where are the bags and equipment as it has seen nothing in their hands, but after questioning too many laborers, they said, “We just want to go back to our homes, we have nothing here.” 

Problems Relating To This:

1. Due to this, if one of the laborers has coronavirus, then we can’t think of how big the problem will be.

2. Another problem was amongst the laborers as they did not get enough daily essentials that were needed by them like food, cloth, and shelter.

3. The other one is of value as this news will go internationally, so as what other countries are thinking of our-self as we are not supporting our Prime Minister says.


Suggestions For This Problem:


1. They should be provided enough essential daily items by the government such as food, etc

2. Stopping rumors will also be very effective in this scenario as most of these laborers are illiterate, and they blindly believe in stories as convincing them is so easy a task.

3. Securities in that area must be hard as no one can break the rules of lockdown as if we want to save our family, friends, and our nation.

4. Proper knowledge must be inherited into them; this is the only long term solution to this problem. They must be aware of the consequences of this novel coronavirus.


Implementing the above suggestion might help the laborers, and also it will be beneficial in the future.  

In conclusion: 

At 2 pm, many people start gathering at the Bandra railway station in Mumbai. After that call was made to local police and they reached the spot. At 3 pm the massive people had been present since 2 pm. People have now demanded food and a tempo with the ration also and it has been given to them.

Later, community leaders were called upon, and at 3:45, an emergency call was made, and senior officials reached the spot. At five, the lathi-charge had been made. This will disperse or scattered the crowd.


It is given above the various suggestions from our-self, which we think is beneficial in this situation. In last now the area has triple-layer security with police deployment.