Here are some details on how people are finding Difficulties in the job search

Job losses undoubted may be a significant cause for unemployment in India. But, it’s not fair to blame to economy and closure of companies for all instances of unemployment to job losses.

India has also been affected by the slow creation of jobs, particularly in manufacturing where capital and machines are preferred over humans for better productivity and greater efficiencies.

Equally important causes for the top prevalence of unemployment are the shortage of skills required for jobs that are available and redundancy of some skills.

Like this there are lots of difficulties candidates faces while searching the jobs.

Bellow list is showing common difficulties in the job search

Having no clear direction about the job

jobs in India

When it comes to job hunting, if you have a scatter-gun approach then you’re unlikely to be very successful.

If you are assuming that if you apply for 20 jobs a day, you will get at least one call from them, then you should rethink your approach and take one step back.

Before applying for any job, pay close attention to the job specification or description and make sure you have experience & required skills for that job. In this way, you will be able to focus on those jobs that you are perfectly capable of doing and will have a better chance of securing a new job.

Not beating with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

With the help of applicant tracking systems remaining at the forefront of the recruiting process, it’s often hard for your CV to reach the hands of a qualified recruiter.

HR managers are counting on the power of application tracking system (ATS) to find a suitable candidate based on keywords matching.

To solve the human problem, it is undoubtedly one of the worst piece of technology.

You will be successful applicants if you address & take care of a few issues before filing an application. If not then most of the candidates are rejected from ATS.

Before applying, ensure the same keywords from the job description into your CV naturally.

Then run your CV online through ATS to spot any mistake or missed opportunities before sending it to the hiring manager.

Having no connection or referral in the company

Difficulties in Job

In today’s job search world having a referral is a plus point.

If you have anyone then you will get noticed and hired by employers. It is not only an employee referral program a cheaper alternative for recruiting, But also makes you the more trustworthy candidates in recruiter’s eyes, which will be the common connection to vouch for you.

So if you are looking for job opportunities then you must have to ask or connect with your friends, family members or senior circle, who will tell you about the openings in their companies, if they see an opportunity then they will recommend you.

Don’t Skip the cover letter anytime

Many people think the cover letter is such a waste of time, the Manager will not read it.

But Sometimes they read it and select the candidates. So don’t underestimate the cover letter while applying for a job.

A cover letter gives a quick look at your work ethics, your personality, and your attention to detail in a way that your CV can’t.

Lack of confidence

Difficulties in Job

A lack of confidence is the largest barrier in job search success. You won’t be able to sell yourself to a potential employer through your application if you lack your confidence in your skills to perform well on the job.

To get more confidence you have to practice well and also you have to consult with your friends who will be able to give you suggestions.

Not having 2 or more version of CV’s

This is a big mistake of having a single version of Cv. Different types of jobs position ask for different skills. So instead of having a one-size-fits for all CVs, try and create a different version of each position in which you are interested and also capable of doing it.

It doesn’t mean that you have to write entire documents; simply you can edit your work experience section and your career objective to suit the job.

Perhaps you might want to emphasize different skills for different opportunities to ensure it passes the ATS we mentioned above.

Not following up with recruiters

We fire off an application then wait sometimes for weeks on end without even following up with the hiring manager. So, although you think that your work is complete after sending your CV, it’s barely begun! There’s no harm in sending an email or making a call to see on the status of your application.

In fact, it can actually put you at the forefront of the interview list because it shows that you’re committed to bagging the position.

Don’t have clear career goals

There are a couple of situations once we are forced to look for a replacement job, including being unhappy in our current position, being made redundant, or seeking a career change.

In each of those circumstances, it’s uncommon to feel pressured into accepting the primary offer that comes our way without actually brooding about our goals.

To make sure you usually stay track when trying to find a new opportunity or new work, you have to make a list of your three top career goals and cross-reference them whenever you apply to a replacement position.

If the work doesn’t appear to be it’ll match your criteria, then you have to move on to something that will!

When considering these difficulties in the job search and applying the recommendation provided, your search is going to be considerably less challenging and more productive!

It not has got to be a frightening process, but rather one that you’re comfortable with and truly good at!

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