Quite a good number of protests were reported recently across India over the new Citizenship Amendment Bill abbreviated as CAB. The CAB is an amendment made over the Citizenship Law, which is 64 years old. It denies individuals the right to Indian Citizenship if they have entered or migrated to the country through illegal ways.


The new law gives the five religious minority groups from neighboring Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh a way to get Indian Citizenship. These five minority groups include Hindu, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, and Sikh but not the Muslims. Non-inclusion of Muslims in the bill is said to be the primary reason behind the protest happening across the country. Many critics have argued that the legislation violates India’s secular constitution and discriminates against the Muslims.

Indian Court New Law!

Also, according to this new law, if an individual belonging to these groups, and have migrated from Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan, stays or works in India for over six years, they will be provided the direct Citizenship of the country without any legal blocks.

Major violent clashes were witnessed between the Police and thousands of university students in Delhi who were protesting against the enactment of this law. These students were basically from Jamia Millia Islamia University. The protest was so strong that the Police were forced to use tear gas and batons to disperse the crowd. Around 50 students were detained after the incident.

These clashes did not just happen in the capital. Assam also faced a similar situation. Protesters in Assam have also expressed their concern that the migrants will move to the border region and that the CAB would convert thousands of illegal immigrants into legal residents, which might ultimately swap the indigenous communities and threaten their language, culture, and tradition. In Assam, nearly 10,000 held a daylong hunger strike in Guwahati.

The movement is getting bigger in Assam with the spontaneous participation of students. Protesters have destroyed public properties. Lately, the protest became so violent that the Police had to open fire to stop the crowd. This open fire led to the death of 2 people.

Not just this, there has been no provision of internet across the state along with the suspension of train services and cancellation of flights leading to further chaos.


Adding on to the consequences of the situation, over 2 million citizens cut their names off the register of citizens in Assam.

India is a secular nation, and this has been declared in the constitution of the nation. But, the division of the country based on religion, being Muslim or a non-muslim, itself contradicts the Secularism raising several questions in the mind of the citizens.

This is not just a question to the laws of the nation, denying the individuals of the fundamental rights based on religion, but also a question to Humanity and the Constitution that was constructed keeping in mind the Human rights.