Coronaviruses usually refer to a virus that consists of a group of related viruses that may cause diseases in mammals and birds. COVID-19 is a new form of previous coronaviruses. According to WHO (World Health Organization), the COVID-19 virus spreads mainly through the droplets of saliva through sneeze or cough. It is suggested to sneeze or cough while covering your nose with your elbow.

Today, according to the World Health Organization, 210 countries are affected by this novel coronavirus, it originated from China, and after that, it spread like an air. Now almost all the counties are affected by this. 

Facts and Figures:

1. Today, there are 24, 04,325 worldwide positive cases are there for the coronavirus in that 6, 24, 798 are recovered, and deaths amount to 1,65,238.

2. The 80 % of the people who get infected with this coronavirus will involve a slight or moderate form of the disease, and 15 percent will occur a severe form of the disease in which they are required to be hospitalized. The other 5 percent will become censoriously ill.

3. The USA has 753,317 active cases and which is the highest of cases amongst countries. And 68,285 are recovered, but the death toll is also on the rise 40,504. This is the most crucial stage for such a powerful nation. 

4. Spain has 195,944 active cases, and total deaths amount to 20,453. Total recovered 77,357

5. Going to our country, India, the total cases are 17265, in which 543 are dead, and 2547 people are recovered. Amongst the most powerful countries, India is at a most secure place but has seen the condition in the news that people are not strictly following the rules for lockdown if it is spread like the USA and other European countries then it is so difficult for us to protect our country citizens from this coronavirus.

Vaccine for this novel coronavirus:

A vaccine preliminary for COVID-19 at the University of Oxford looks to control the shot to 500 members by May. As means that 500 participants are gathered to test the vaccine. People matured between 18 to 55 years are being taken on the early-and mid-stage randomized, controlled preliminary, Bloomberg revealed. 

Gilbert started her investigation on immunizations in 1994 at the University of Oxford in 1994. She was given a $2.8 million award from the UK’s National Institute for Health Research and UK Research and Innovation in March to increase her group’s endeavors to investigate immunization inquiries for the novel coronavirus. Strikingly, her group’s test vaccination was one of the firsts to make it to the clinical preliminaries stage. The World Health Organization perceives 70 antibody applicants being developed, alongside three others that are being tried in people. 

It is said that the vaccine for this novel coronavirus is available to us by autumn, but it is so difficult as in the vaccine needs to be tested for every problem such as if a person has diabetes or any other disease he needs alteration in the vaccine, so it needs some time to develop.


Many pieces of research said that if this virus is not controlled, then 70 of the world population would become positive for coronavirus, and death tolls are on super hikes. So to deal with the coronavirus, we must follow the only solution we have till now that is lockdown until the vaccine becomes available to us.