What is Easter? 

Easter means that, the celebration of the restoration to life or the resurrection of Jesus on the third day after his beheading. It can also be said that Easter is celebrated in a way to restart the hopes or faiths that we have victory over the sins. It is three days after the death of Jesus, i.e. in this year, it is on 12th April 2020 on Sunday. The week leading up to Easter is known as the “Holy Week” or known as the “Passion Week”. 

The Christians celebrate Easter in remembrance of the son of God that is Jesus. It is said that the Holy Spirit exists in every devotee, because of Jesus who defeated death, we celebrate Easter or to defeat the sins or victory over the sins. They gather on every Sunday morning because every Sunday morning is resurrection Sunday. 

Christian Traditions:  

In Australia, bunnies are reflected as a pest that collapses the crops and land. 

In Poland on Easter, which is on Monday, boys try to immerse people with buckets of water.  

In Greece, on Holy Saturday, the residents there will throw pots out of windows. It is a tradition used to spot the commencement of the spring and new crops being gathered in new pots. The traditions of this Easter vary from country to country. 

It is celebrated differently among different countries as celebrated through Easter eggs, bunnies, gifts baskets and flowers, which is as follows:  

Easter Eggs: 

Easter Eggs

An egg is a sign of new life. For Christians, Easter eggs are utilized as a sign for the revival of Jesus. Christians accept that, through his revival, Jesus defeated passing and sin. This offers individuals the guarantee of interminable life if they follow his lessons. Conventional Easter egg chases stay mainstream with both Christian and non-Christian kids. 

Easter Bunnies: 

Easter Bunnies

The Rabbits or bunnies give birth to a big litter of babies which can be called as kittens, so kittens are the symbol or sign of a new life. As some children are also enjoying Easter with their friends, playing and having cakes & sweets. 

Gift Baskets And Flowers: 

Gift Baskets And Flowers

The gift Buckets and flowers are also used in Easter as a symbol of happiness and the enjoyment of bringing up life forward. This is also used as an equipment to celebrate Easter. 


Hope you like the activities to celebrate Easter. Enjoy the Easter week with your friends, family and loved one. Happy Easter 2020.