IIT Kharagpur is an institute of vast excellence and comes under the list of India’s best universities. It is well-known for its technical excellence. It contributes by providing students with the highest quality education along with extra-curricular activities. The respected director of IIT Kharagpur Partha P. Chakrabarti speaks, “IIT Kharagpur is not just a ‘Techno Organization.’ It is an institute that allows convergence of multiple disciplines.”

IIT-KGP is one of the country’s finest engineering colleges holding the rank among the top-3. The architecture consists of 2200 acres of well-maintained lush green campus with broad lawns and a clean green environment. Besides, the University has vast stadiums, tennis courts, hockey, football, and cricket ground, as well as a gym and broad crystal clear swimming pool. Along with these benefits, the faculty members are quite experienced, having served for several years, holding up the name of the institution.

Students of IIT-KGP refer to them as great achievers to be a part of this organization because they hold their experience and studies in one of the most renowned research institutes. One of the most significant advantages of KGP is its alumni network, which grows rapidly and extensively in the world’s best-known competitions and MNC’s. However, an entrepreneurship cell is also present to help the students explore their future ventures. KGP owns a vast space for its library, which provides a plethora of magazines, books as well as research papers one can not even imagine.


“Our institute is not about academics only,” says Burundi Aditya, a second-year student of computer science. “It is not only about students developing in their areas of specialization. There are a variety of other options as well-foreign languages, visual communication, entrepreneurship, finance, and film-making, for example, which can be taken up as parallel micro-credit or micro-specialization courses.” Contributing to one of the alumni is the CEO of Google and Alphabet Inc, Mr. Sundar Pichai.

The specialty of KGP is it provides a cream graduated batch with refined skills that they have incorporated over their years of graduation. This institute offers 30-micro specialization courses such are photonics, intellectual property rights, quality engineering, management, law, social science, ocean engineering, foreign languages, and geoscientific exploration. These subjects are those which enhance the creditability of the student and its degree representative. And do, a KGPian graduate is not a techie but a lot more. Besides technological skills, they engage themselves to be language scholars or cinematographers or even have a degree in geoscience. The extra-deep factor of employability reaches its high benchmark for the students covering a wide area of technical knowledge.

 What is best to know one student’s experience as a fifth-year student of metallurgy Kasturi Saha says, “IIT-KGP is not just our college. It is our world, to be honest, I don’t feel like going home for vacations”.

At this place, a student can embrace their skill set and dreams. These are the levels that the IIT-KGP university provides because it’s more than just a university.