The most awaited moment happened in the evening of Wednesday 29th July 2020, At Ambala airbase, the first five Omni-role Rafale fighters landed after an 8,500 Km travel. The defense minister Rajnath Singh warned those who were threatening India’s territorial integrity.

The Rafale jets are very deadly weapons package and also it can deliver nuclear weapons. These Rafale are not going to be deployed soon anytime in the ongoing conflicts with China which is also still to see that troops were disengagement in the Gorga & Pangong Tso which are hot springs areas of eastern Ladakh despite the number of a round of talks.

All the 36 Rafales flight deal at the cost of 59,000 Crores inked with France in the year 2016 September, all will be delivered by end of 2021.

From those first five Rafales were received by the Air Chief Marshal R K S Bhadauria and Western Air Command Chief Air Marshal B Suresh at the base of Ambala on Wednesday evening.

Specifications of Rafale:

  • Length – 15.30 m
  • Height – 5.30 m
  • Wingspan – 10.90 m
  • External Load – 9.5 Tonnes
  • Total empty weight – 10 Tonnes
  • Maximum take-off weight – 24.5 Tonnes
  • Fuel Capacity
  • Internal – 4 Tonnes
  • External – up to 6.7 Tonnes
  • Ferry Range – 3,700 Km
  • Highest speed – 1.8 Mach at high altitude
  • Service ceiling – 50,000 ft
  • Landing ground run – 450 m (1500 ft)

Rafale jets are developed by French aircraft manufacturer Dassault, which are capable of :

  • Ground support,
  • Aerial reconnaissance,
  • In-depth strikes,
  • Interception, and
  • Nuclear deterrence

Besides, the missile system Rafale jets comes with some of the Indian specific modification such as :

  • Israel helmet-mounted display
  • Radar Warning receivers
  • Low band jammers
  • 10-hours flight data recording
  • The infra-red search tracking system

After welcoming the Rafale jets in India, Defence minister Rajnath Singh said that this is the beginning of a new era in India’s military history.

These Rafales had a very good flying performance as well as its weapons, radar, and other sensors with their Electronic Warfare capabilities are very best in all over the world.

But These Rafale jets will take time to be integrated properly into the war-fighting machinery.


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