On account of the ability and framework in our nation, today, India is among the highest nations on the planet in the field of scientific research.

There are such a significant number of technological achievements that each Indian should feel proud about.

1. Aryabhatta – the First unmanned satellite

Worked by India was an advancement achievement in India’s space program.


Aryabhatta was worked by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to conduct direct investigations & experiments in X-beam astronomy, aeronomics, and solar physics material science and opened additional opportunities for ISRO.

2. Development & Improvement of a nuclear clock

Has made ISRO one of only few space associations in the world who achieved this technology.

nuclear clock

ISRO has built up a nuclear clock that will be utilized in route (navigation) satellites to measure exact area & location information. The space organization presently imports nuclear clocks from European aviation producer Astrium. 

3. Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) 

Helped India to understand its fantasy about having independent satellite navigation ability.

Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS)

It has liberated India from its dependence on navigation satellite system worked by different nations. Definitely, a home developed GPS system like IRNSS could fill in as a vital resource of huge significance for the military as well.

4. ISRO showed its capacity of dealing with complex missions

By effectively launching a record 104 satellites on only one rocket.


This is the most noteworthy number of satellites at any point launched in a single mission that any other nation on the planet. 

5. ISRO effectively test-fired it’s Scramjet Rocket Motor

An advancement innovation in air-breathing propulsion.

Scramjet Rocket Motor

Air-breathing rocket frameworks utilize atmospheric oxygen from their environmental factors, consume it with the put away fuel to deliver a forward thrust rather than the ordinary conventional rocket systems which convey both the oxygen and the fuel. 

The improvement of this high-innovation system will go a major route in meeting India’s modern space transportation needs. 

6. 18-year-old, Rifath Sharook

From Karur in Tamil Nadu State of India, scripted history by structuring the world’s littlest satellite. 

Worlds smallest Satellite

The little 3D-printed satellite is called Kalamsat, after previous President Abdul Kalam, and was flown by NASA into space in one of their missions. 

7. The successful confirmation of the utilization of cryogenic engine technology

put India among an alliance of just five other such countries.

cryogenic engine

With the successful dispatch of GSLV-D5, India has picked up the capacity to dispatch overwhelming satellites without foreign help. It will likewise clear path for sizeable reserve funds for the nation’s future launch costs. 

8. PARAM – India’s first since forever indigenous supercomputer

Was a significant achievement in modern India’s innovative journey. 


India confronted an innovation disavowal system during the 80s. It was then that the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) was set up with the unmistakable order to build up an indigenous supercomputer to meet fast computational needs. 

9. ISRO launched the nation’s heaviest rocket GSLV-Mk III

Whose cryogenic motor was developed spontaneously 


The rocket is portrayed as a “Game-Changer” in the first of its sort space mission is one more significant step towards being self dependent in the nation’s space program.

10. India built up an indigenous searcher for Brahmos for the first time.

Brahmos Anti Ship Cruise

Brahmos is the world’s quickest and most impressive anti-ship cruise missile. This denotes a major achievement and accomplishment for the supersonic missile as this is the first time the India has built up a searcher for a missile of this calibre and class. 

India has a lot to be glad for its logical and innovative turns of events. Credit to each one of those psyches behind these advancement achievements

That’s All about the India’s 10 best achievements ever

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