A traditional and rustic Bihari and Jharkand recipe, Litti Chokha can be included in lunch or dinner. Litti is flour or whole wheat balls stuffed with sattu and is immersed in ghee and chokha is the side dish made using roasted eggplant, potato or tomatoes mixed with a melange of Bihari spices.

Litti Chokha to Biharis is equivalent to Rasogollas to Bengalis. And oftentimes people confuse it with Baati of Rajasthan, but it is a completely different dish in terms of taste, texture, and preparation.

Rajasthan dal baati churma
Rajasthan dal baati churma

This street food also principle dish can be prepared for different events and it is a great idea to go for kitty gatherings and potlucks. You can give this recipe your very own touch by including a couple of masalas of your taste.

 The main significant thing that you should cling to will be to make the litti in the right manner as some people make it too soft or too hard. Customarily roasted on hot charcoal, the litti can be made in different ways i.e., stove cooked or oven barbecue and even tawa roast. Along these lines, you can pick the cooking technique according to your very own interest. This dish is something that you can have any time and is preferred by all age people.


Litti Chokha of Bihar, which can be hurled as part of their ethos and culture, began hundreds of years prior as a principal food in the court of Magadha. During the Mughal time frame, sovereigns were served Littis with payas and shorbas. In the long run, Litti came to Bihar and was combined with Chokha. Rustic method of cooking adds real flavor in Litti and Chokha.

Litti rose as a ‘valiant sepoy’ when the rebels only survived on it during the Mutiny of 1857. Tantia Tope, Rani Lakshmi Bai, and others picked it as their ‘food for living’ as it tends to be prepared with no utensils or much water in the wildernesses and gorges and remains in eat-commendable condition for over 48 hours. This dish experienced numerous progressions as new rulers came in.

To make the Litti or the wheat balls, whole wheat flour is kneaded into a soft dough with salt, ghee or clarified butter and cooking soda. Sometimes, carom seeds or ajwain is additionally used to enhance the Litti. 

Traditional style making of litti chokha

When done, the batter is secured and kept aside for quite a while. The flavourful filling is made utilizing a stuffing of Sattu or roasted chana dal flour, grated ginger, finely cleaved green chilies, pickle masala, lemon juice, salt and red chili [powder. 

Some oil can be included if the filling is excessively dry. Next, the Litti is amassed by taking a little chunk of dough and stuffing it with the readied stuffing. At last, the littis are spread out and baked in a stove till it’s sautéed on all sides. At that point, it’s softly roasted over direct flame and dipped in ghee.

Chokha is additionally prepared using roasted brinjal and tomatoes. A basic enhancing of chopped onions, green chili, cleaved coriander, salt, mustard oil, and lemon juice are included to make the chokha.

I, myself is new to this Litti and Chokha platter. I know you might be wondering which period I am from. But recently after I discovered this exquisite culinary, I am not disappointed at all.

Yes, I cant cook as I don’t have the liberty but if you have the option to cook try it out once and you will not be disheartened. On the upside even if you don’t like it, nobody is judging you, it’s perfectly fine