“Michhami Dukkadam” as the Sthanakvasi Jain’s Paryushan reaches a conclusion ~ ‘Atthai’ ~full 8 days of fasting and ‘Attham’~ Three Consecutive long periods of Fasting makes the ‘Parna’ this Morning a Joyous and Pious Bonding Experience for Family and Friends

To all My Family and Friends and the individuals who know me through Business or Blog, a humble “Micchami Dukkadam”

“Man Chanchal Chhe,Jibh Agni Chhe,Dil Saf Chhe

Chhatay kaya Janta Ajanta Kya dish Kadvas Avi Verani Hoy,

Tamara Dil Ne Thes Pahochi Hoy to Man Vachan thi Kaya thi

“Michhami Dukkadam”

Micchammi Dukkadam


“My Mind is Active and Lively,My Tongue is Sacred like the Fire ,My Heart is Clean and Pure ~ Yet in the event that I have caused you sharpness in any capacity and hurt your heart, intentionally or unknowingly,then in thought, word or deed, I look for your pardoning”

‘Paryushan’ for the Sthanakvasi Jains has quite recently finished ~ It is a devout and heavenly time of Prayer,Penance and Fasting for Jains ~ After the Samvatsari Pratikraman Prayers ,Sthanakvasi Jains state “Micchami Dukkadam” to one another requesting pardoning from one another for having harmed them or annoyed each other in any way,knowingly or accidentally.

The jain people participate in paryushan during chaturmas. It is held for yearly “pratikarmana”, reflection, retribution, and fasting.On the most recent day of paryushan, samvatsari, additionally kshamavani divas, jains state ,”Michchami Dukkadam” to one another. It is an old prakrit express, requesting absolution, Michchami meaning worthless and Dukkadam meaning awful deeds, which means, may my awful deeds be purposeless, not hurt anyone.

It is a kshama yachna.

“I look for kshama yachna from all, for offending of anybody purposely or accidentally in any structure by words, activity or thought, straightforwardly or in a roundabout way in any structure, any act,omission and rebellion.

Kshamapan Sutra:

Khamemi savve jeeva( I award pardoning to all)

Savve jeeva khamantu me(may every living being award me absolution)

Metti me savve bhuyesu( my kinship is with every single living being)

Vairam majham na kenai(my foe is absolutely nonexistent)

Michchami Dukkadam(may every one of my flaws be broken down)