How Asmita Gupta, look alike of Kareen Kapoor Khan and debut Punjabi song actress Apporva Mishra on TikTok are using 15 seconds to build successful careers.

Shahrukh Khan came to Mumbai (former Bombay), struggled to get into movies and even slept on the Mumbai’s footpath. Eventually, he got a break in his career and became a super star. On the other side, many star kids found great launch pad, all thanks to bollywood fraternity.

Not everyone who went to Mumbai city with stars in the eyes made it big. But all this was before social media like TikTok or Instagram came into the picture.  To become a celebrity today, all you need is 15 to 60 second video idea and a smartphone. That’s all it really takes to get on application like TikTok. A mobile application earlier known as Musically has swept India off its feet with its funny and entertainment videos. There are people showing stunts, dancing, singing, and even lip-syncing to Bollywood dialogues.

And those 15 seconds of fame is what many people from India across age groups are tapping into. From the comfort of their place, with their smartphones and minimal effort, people are either showcasing their talent, addressing issues close to their heart and life or exhibiting their taste of creativity. Apart from celebs, here are some girls who have garnered millions of followers.

Entertainment Beauty – Asmita

Asmita Gupta from Delhi makes Bollywood lip sync videos. She is famous for being look alike of Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan. She has carried her love for fashion with beauty and is a style sensation on TikTok. She creates content that are stress-busters, and funny.

Every video of her resemble Kareena Kapoor. Irony is other TIKTOK girls try to copy Asmita Gupta’s acting and style and try to look like kareena but none can match Asmita Gupta one of her fan says.

She has 350K fans, Asmita Gupta calls it 350K family on TikTok. She has reached 5.0M likes on her videos.

After Instagram and Facebook influencers, we now have TikTok actors, proving the power of social media to become influential. It’s their best moment, let them shine!!

Next U Turn – Apoorva Mishra

Apoorva Mishra is another TikTok star with 850K followers. She says she never thought she would make such big, just her dedication and hard work changed her faith.

Now she is not only ruling on Instagram and TikTok she has already entered and done her debut Punjabi song for White Hills Production.

Her lip sync on one of the famous song by Justin Bieber went trending and her career graph changed since then.

Apoorva Mishra, says she dreams to enter her steps in Bollywood if she gets chance. Who do not want to be famous? Hard work and dedication can lead you to success and Apoorva Mishra is one of the leading example.

Unlike any other platform or application, the 15 to 60 second format compels them to innovate. What sets the platform apart is that everyone is making every second count of this application launched.