Directors and screenwriters show us the primary reasons hidden under the Christmas movies and give the idea of why they are so magical. Have you ever noticed movies released at Christmas are mostly a big hit? 

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Every Christmas movies hold these five essential elements.

1.    Message: Christmas movies or movies released at Christmas has a powerful message hidden. They deliver us the basic message of humanity. It promotes human nature and human kindness with a great storyline. 

Cara J. Russell, the writer of the new Netflix movie The Knight Before Christmas, stats.that he thinks Christmas movies give people hope, a sense that there are higher power and a feeling that people care. He also believes that this is the best time of good moral message movies to be released and revive the older ones.

2.    The feels: Throughout the year this year is the best time to show the magic of creating a mood and as Christmas movies say that just as to make you feel, as the insider. As December is cold and people are craving cozy and warm feelings. So, directors and screenwriters also make their movies give you a cozy, loving and funny feels so that they make you comfortable and let you convince to watch their art. Ali Plumb the BBC radio 1 says “Its high art, but there are so many things to enjoy with the movie,” he adds. He also says that “I feel like Christmas movies do best when they’re not too challenging”.

3.    The familiarity: One another good thing added in the movies is the familiarity and placing your childhood memories on rewind. Their musical application brings you back to those days where you felt have and safe. When you know about a movie that provides happy feelings and to watch it safe and clean with family and friends, then it brings this familiarity. 

4.    The essence of the music: For many, the music and songs in our favorite Christmas movies are another essential reason why we love to watch once more. For many of us, the soundtracks in our favorite Christmas movies are another primary reason why we love to watch and rewatch them. “Not only is the score one of the finest but also the soundtrack is important. It picks some old-school, interesting songs. Not just the same classics.”

5.    The darker phase: Mostly Christmas releases a charming happy and fairy tale movies, but some also hold a bit of dark and classical movies. The writer of the Christmas zombie movie Anna and the Apocalypse says “I love The Snowman because it’s an incredibly uplifting and sweet movie. But with a dark sting in its tail,” and then adding further “the Snowman melting at the end of that film is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen!”. These dark side effects movies can also make your Christmas create a worthy one.

All these movies create magic and turn it into the finest ones to make our eve dangling.

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