is part of Edument Findin1 Solutions Pvt ltd located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, took birth in the month of Feb 2019 and now planning to take shape in the outer market. is online job portal trying to solve real time recruitment problems of Start up’s, Corporate, SME or any other commercial institute and also on other hand holds tight place in solving high and real time issues of people who are looking for job or job change, also we at reckruite are most focused on college passed out students who shall not spend more time in looking for job after completion of studies.

 Reckruite was established in the process where “WE” the Reckruite Team noticed that the students were not able to find the job even after applying on the best job portals and they have been facing difficulties due to not appearing on the top of the recruiters list.

So here Mr. Shabaz Khan & Mr. Pramod More decided to take a step in and work on the new portal called ‘Reckruite’ which would make ease the difficulties of the students as well as Recruiters and get in handy with the new job portal which is going to launch soon in the market. took almost 10 months to start the proto on technical grounds. Reckruite has completed tough R&D for the period of 10 months to understand the basic to major needs and tiny details of any online job portal, Guess What?

Reckruite has come up with best and INDIA’S first online job portal which shows the entire resumes to employer before short listing so they can select candidate accordingly. We are also proud to announce that we help candidate to create professional resumes which they can download for free without spending single penny.

While researching on this process we have found the below mentioned points as major drawback or problem for Start up’s, Corporates , SME or any other commercial institute and also, we have added solution for the concerns which may help to understand in better way.


Higher rate of errors in resume of each applicant.
Being into recruitment segment challenges are very high to gather the information of candidates and share with the employer. As per the reports 73% of employees fill inaccurate or mismatch information to find a job.

However online job portals do not verify and consider it as positive lead and start showcasing it to the employer which later turn to be churn data or information of employee does not match the employer requirement.

Solution: We at reckruite are creating website and application where candidate does not require much time to enter the details and almost every segment and category shall be available in drop down which makes easy to select and saves time of candidates.

We also show preview of professional resumes based on the details entered by candidate, we allow to download the resume also so candidate do not enter any details which is invalid or mismatched.

This step helps us to use the lead for right employer and there are high chances of candidate to getting selected in companies in short time.

Validity based modules.

Most of the job portals has validity based paid services, somewhere between 7 days to 1 year modules considering the prices it varies.

When employer selects the plan for shorter time employer faces issues like short period, not using the entire data/leads or using leads very quick to avoid lapse of the services which ends up shortlisting candidates who are not the right choice.

Solution: “We at reckruite do not have any time limit to select the candidates nor any validity based system, we leave completely on employer to use the leads”, says Mr Suresh Chitmil.

Bulk downloads of leads no minimum download available.
Employers are forced to purchase bulk packages for smaller requirement also which again is challenging to employer, they cannot use it for later stage nor they required huge credits in account to select as lead.

Solution: “We do not have any CAP of selecting bulk packages, we are open on employer side to select the leads how much they required or leads to go count, they can recharge our wallet on as low as 50 INR and select candidate accordingly.

If any employer has shortlisted any candidate and if he/she gets selected there is no need to purchase the bulk leads and waste it”, says Mr.Faisal Jamal Khan

Extra charges to download resumes of candidates.
Most of the job portal charges extra to allow downloading of resumes, employer has to invest double the amount on downloading resumes and employer are also not assured which resume are they downloading

Solution: “We do not have multiple option to select or shortlist the candidate, when employer selects the candidate, employer gets to see the entire resume of candidate and later employer decide to shortlist for interview or choose someone else.

Irony is we do not charge anything to employee not employer to see the entire resume it’s FREE”, says Mr Shabaz Khan.