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The State governments of Delhi and Maharashtra, have announced that all schools and colleges in both the states have been closed till March 31, due to Coronavirus. Now, as parents, what should be your reaction? Should you panic and remain aggrieved? Or should you know specific facts, which will prepare you for any emergency?

What Should I Do If I Don’t Have Child Care?

It is no secret that closure of schools puts immense strain on parents, who are working, who require child care. So, consequently, authorities have announced specific measures in both the cities. There will be daycare centers which will be open in both cities, from morning 7 am to 7 pm on all weekdays. All these centers will deliver educational activities, childcare, and also packaged meals, to the little ones. As a means of healthcare precaution, all visitors have to wash their hands. They will have their temperature measured. In these centers, all the staff is employed voluntarily.

What Should I Tell My Children About Coronavirus?

It is natural that in the face of a calamity, it is best to tell facts to your children and make them realistic. You should say to them the instructions as to how to avoid infections and diseases. You should follow specific strict guidelines while interacting with your children.

● It would help if you remained to assure and calm.

● You should be available for listening and talking.

● Viruses will affect everyone, regardless of age and income.

● Inspect carefully what your children are reading, listening, or hearing on TV or online.

● You should reduce the amount of screen time in which you focus on COVID-19 and deliver honest and accurate information.

● You should always state factual information to your children, which is on par with the age and development area of the kid.

● Talk to your kids about stories on COVID-19 and on the internet and social media, which is based on the wrong information.

● You must educate your kids about actions, as to how to reduce the germ spreading.

There Is An Emotional Burden On Both Children And Parents

If you close schools, due to the outbreak of a disease, then it is a very emotionally draining experience for both parents and children. If adults feel anxious, then what can be expected of the children. So, there are many ways to cure this difficulty. You can visit temples, churches, along with your children, do a lot of yoga and try to relax your mind and body. If your children ask you questions, answer truthfully and only, that much which is required.

Will Daycare Centers Help Needy Children?

This applies majorly to students, who hail from economically weaker sections, or those who have special needs. Daycare centers need to give special attention to these kids. Since, most of these kids come from a difficult background, or have physical deformities, they should respond even more.

SUMMARY – Due to the pandemic of Coronavirus, the state governments of Delhi & Mumbai have announced official vacations till March 31. This is the major step taken by the government in the safeguard of the public’s interest.