Today here we are sharing some of the rarest pictures from Indian history.

1. The picture from World War 1 of the Indian Soldiers


2. The statue of Nandi at the Chamundi Hills, Mysore – 1902


3. This the gold coin showing the king Chandragupta II as an archer period in the ca: 376-414


4. This is the tiger claws used to kill Afzal Khan by the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj; Maratha, 17th century.


5. The sphere is made of bronze which shows the Globe (Bughola), depicting the Jaina cosmos.


6. This is the Ranganatha temple from Srirangam, Tamil Nadu – The year 1895. The Perumal golden foot and other ornaments are placed on the temple idols on religious festival occasions.


7. This the Market Place in Kathmandu, Nepal in the year of 1901


8. This is the Hills of Tirumala – 1939


9. These are the picture of two Pichkari made of bronze for the festival of Holi in India in the 19th Century.


10. The Sketch-map of Rameshwaram on 10th July 1789


11. This is the Survey map of the Purgunna of Bangalore in 1800 showing the Boundaries.


12. This is a French Archaeologist Gabriel Jouvea – Dubreuil (1885-1945), He was the first discoverer of the artifacts at Nagarjunakonda in the year of 1926.


13. This is the Palace of Mysore –in the 1890s


14. The necklace (Kasumalai) made of one hundred gold coins in the 19th century. Each coin has a picture of the Goddess of wealth Laxmi, and Each Coin is linked to a gold chain with floral motifs and bud finials.


15. This is the sword of the great King Tipu Sultan(Tiger of Mysore). This legendary sword was bought for 1.5 Crore by Vijay Mallya when General Baird auctioned it in London in September in the year of 2004.


16. This is the seal of the Chola King Rajendra 1 (1012-1044) made of copper alloy


17. The picture of Indian National Leader Subhas Chandra Bose, The new President of the 51st Indian National Congress, and wearing Bengali Traditional Outfits.


18. The Picture of a British Queen Victoria at her desk, with assistant Abdul Karim – 1885.


19. The picture of Gold dinar, c. 200-225 CE

Left side face is of Crowned, diademed king standing facing, nimbate, holding a trident and sacrificing at the altar and at the right side face of Four-armed Shiva standing facing, holding trident and diadem, lotus, water pot, and Bull Nandi right behind


20. This is the rare image of Delhi’s great buildings while it taking its shape.


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