Australian Bush fires

The millions of acres of land destroyed by bush fires in Australia. More than half of Australian were affected by this crisis, including millions whose health has been affected. It killed up to 28 people, and it destroyed thousands of homes and affected an estimated 1 billion animals.


Us-Iran tension

Peoples were worried about the US on the brink of war with Iran. This tension hits a boiling point when the US government killed the top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani.

After some days, Iran fired a missile at Iraqis bases housing US troops. There no lives were lost.

Then Iran fired it missiles, they mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet, assigning it to a fear of US aggression. All 176 passengers died in which 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians, and 11 Ukrainians.


Communal Riots in Delhi

When the government officially approved the controversial CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill) in December 2019. Then deadly protest fired up across India. The bill gives the right of Indian citizenship to the asylum for seekers who are from three neighboring countries, but not if they are Muslim.

As a result of ongoing clashes, the number of peoples has died. In February at the same time when American President Donald Trump has visited India. A violent protest in parts of New Delhi left with 24 peoples dead and 188 people were injured.


Summer Olympic in Tokyo

In March month, The summer Olympic in Tokyo Were canceled due to the crisis of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). Olympic was rescheduled 2021.


Gas leak at Vishakhapatnam, AP, India

It was an industrial accident (Gas leak also referred to as Vizag Gas Leak) which occurred at LG Polymers Chemical Plant Near Gopalapatnam at Venkatapuram village, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India on 7th May 2020. 13 people killed during this gas leak.


Pandemic crisis all over the world

In the starting month of 2020, Coronavirus spreads slowly, nearly in all countries. Then the number of countries announced about the lockdown. International Travelling stopped. In India, the Government was Strict about lockdown rules and also stopped interstate traveling for more than 2 months.


China Vs India

It is the on-ongoing military standoff between China-India from 5th May 2020. Chinese and Indian troops engaged in aggressive actions and skirmishes at locations along the Sino-Indian border. Then the number of clashes happened between both armies.

Recently on 15th June 2020, India carried out hectic negotiations at Major General Level, at Galwan 10 Indian soldiers taken captive by the Chinese army during the skirmish. And also 20 personnel of the Indian army including officers are killed at skirmishes.


Cyclon in India

In the month of June, the western coast of India hit by the Cyclonic Storm Nisarga, Causing damages in the state of Maharashtra.


Terrorist Riyaz Naikoo Killed

The most wanted terrorist Riyaz Naikoo of the terror group the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen was killed by Indian Security Forces in May month.


Locusts swam

Billions of locusts swarmed through parts of East Africa, and also in the parts of South Asia. The Agricultural Organization said that the locusts could affect the food security of 25 million people.


Gas plant explosion in Nigeria

An explosion at the gas plant in March where 15 people were killed, and it destroyed 50 buildings after a fire broke out in Lagos, Nigeria.

The effect of the explosion led to the collapse of nearby houses and damage NNPC’s pipelines (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation).


Earthquake in Turkey

An earthquake hit in the region of Turkey, which was of 6.7 magnitudes. More than 1600 people were injured and 41 people were killed. Also causing 10 buildings to collapse.


Indian Bollywood Lost some Gems Actor

Some of the best Indian actors such as Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor, Wajid Khan, Chiranjeevi Sarj and Sushant Singh Rajput died till June 2020


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