UI and UX designs are two of the regular confused and mixed up terms in web and application design. What’s more, they’re typically put together in a solitary term, c, and from the surface, they appear to portray something very similar. But don’t worry. Let’s break it down for y’all.

Design is an expansive term of subjects and isn’t restricted to graphic design. When somebody says “I’m a designer‘, it is rather unclear what designer they are. 

Separating UI/UX

The “UI” stands for “User Interface.” The user interface is the graphical format of an application. It comprises of the buttons users click on, the content they read, the pictures, sliders, content section fields, and the remainder of the things the user interacts with. In short, they focus on look and layout.

“UX” means “User Experience.” A user’s experience of the application is dictated by how they communicate with it. Is the experience smooth and natural or inconvenient and confusing? Does exploring the application feel logical or does it feel subjective? 

UX designers are commonly centred around development of digital products however the theory and procedure can be applied to pretty much anything.

A UX designer sees that a product sounds good to the user by making a way that logically flows from one step to the next. A UI designer ensures each page visually imparts that way.

What Skill Extender do?

 Skill Extender delivers UX & UI design courses covering user experience, user research, user interface, conversational design. Skill Extender is where you can Learn all the Design Process and other learning strategies dependent on exercises. You will get Hands-on Training.

Skill Extender Team

The team of Skill Extender is made out of a blend of tech-savvy individuals, user experience experts, and highly educated professionals endeavouring to convey meaningful user experience design training courses, to help create and improve the skills in the people working in UI, UX and Voice Design, upgrading them to handle more prominent difficulties.


Skill Extender is conducting a 2-day in Pan India on UI/UX workshop. A short, practical workshop on User Experience plan that designs a whole configuration process outline: from how to do user research, data design and journey maps to user testing, accessibility practices and working with engineers. Skill extender has made sure that you’ll leave with a lot of information on what is UX design, methods and will give you a ton of something to think about.

In this Skill Extender workshop, participants will find out about the main procedures concerned in designing seamless multi-channel experiences.

It is a 2-day course trained by a professional UX designer with 5+ years of experience. 


  • Introduction to UX strategy
  • Understand what is UX & amp; difference between UI vs UX.
  •  Overview of UX Design process.
  • How to get user insights through UX research techniques & use that to create the solution.
  •  Convert your solution into the design. (wireframes, User Interface (UI) & Prototype)
  •  Validate your design with the user. (user testing)
  •  How to communicate with the development team.

Who Should Attend

Suitable for complete beginners with no previous experience, as well as those who have

already started exploring UX & UI design and want to spruce up their skills.

Graphic Designers

Software Developers

• Web Designers

Project Managers

Business Analysts

• Startup Founders