The United Nations Children’s Fund i.e., UNICEF, is a United Nations agency answerable for providing philanthropic support to children around the world. On 31st December 2019, the UNICEF released its annual report. The report stated that conflicts in many countries have increased, attacks on children have also increased in this followed decade. According to the report, the attacks on children have increased three times since 2010. Hence, the agency named this decade as a “deadly decade.” It says that around 24,000 violations were recorded against children in 2018, and in 2019 this increases to 1, 70,000. This figure is more than three times and is very deadly. These violations include abductions, killing, sexual violence, child recruitment, the contradiction to humanitarian access, attacks in schools, hospitals, and public places, etc. The conflict zones include northern Syria, Ukraine, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Countries where children were attacked:

●     Syria – Almost eight years of conflicts have led this country to be one of the gravest conflicts where children are paying the highest price. The children are suffering extremely in this nation due to brutal violence, displacement, and harsh conditions. 

●     Mali – The ongoing philanthropic emergencies in the western African country worsened after armed forces attacked one of its villages in 2019. This led to the killing of many children.


●     Yemen – This is another nation that has noticed major humanitarian emergencies in the last decade. Many Years of conflict have led this nation to acute poverty, depriving millions of children for their fundamental rights, such as the right to education, etc. A bomb blast in 2019 near two schools critically injured many children and killed at least 14 of them. 

●     Myanmar – In May 2019, many children were killed and injured during the violence

●     Afghanistan – In July 2019, many children were injured during a bomb attack during rush hours. An average of 9 children was killed or maimed every day in 1st nine months of 2019.


●     South Sudan – Thousands of children were forcefully recruited to armed forces & groups in the country, and those who were freed by their captors or managed to escape were deprived of basic needs such as food and shelter.

●     Ukraine – In 2019, almost half a million children were affected during the conflict in eastern Ukraine, with 36 attacks on schools.

●     Nigeria – The children are recruited as combatants and non-combatants since 2012. 

●     Cameroon – This nation has witnessed almost three years of violence and instability. It has deprived nearly 855,000 children for their right to education. Thousands of children are leaving their places in fear. The crisis was limited to 4 regions but has spread to 8 regions in 2019.

●     The Democratic Republic of the Congo – In February 2019, violent attacks against Ebola treatment centers in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo worsened the efforts to fight the disease. This disease led to the worst impact on children, as they have not only been exposed to death and suffering strait with the death of their parents, caretakers, or loved ones due to this deadly virus. Many children were forced to spend weeks in isolation. After coming in contact with someone who is infected with the virus. 

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